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Our Clients Are Singing About Our Services!

Client Testimonials

We know how important it is that you and your pet are well taken care of. Pet Perfect provides professional pet care to meet your needs. See what our client have to say about us!

Nancy H.

Whenever we need someone to take care of our two indoor cats, we call Caitlin! For over eight years she has taken very good care of our boyz when we are on vacation. She is good about letting us know how things are going, and when we are away, we are able to relax and enjoy ourselves knowing that they are in good hands.We recommend her wholeheartedly, she is knowledgeable, responsible, and caring!

Marie R.

I highly recommend Caitlin Grant for all pet sitting needs! Caitlin is trustworthy, professional, and dependable. She took good care of my three highly challenging little dogs, and was still smiling upon my return. Payment process was quick and simple! Absolutely love her business!

Terri S.

I am very excited to recommend this pet sitting service! I have known Caitlin for a long time and I would trust her with anything. She is reliable, compassionate and very skilled in handling animals. She has a year of vet tech school and worked at TenderCare for quite some time in many capacities as well. Don’t hesitate to entrust her with the care of your beloved furry family members!

Laura R.

I have a challenging 4 legged family and Caitlyn has exceeded my expectations. She is the best dog walker I've had in 12 years. I have a 160lb elderly dog with issues getting up and moving around because of spinal and nerve damage (genetic and age related) which also affects her bowel movements. They have not phased Caityln. I also have 3 cats with a mind of their own. One is so shy I've had dog walkers and family members who have never seen him. But in less than 2 hours Caitlyn is petting him, that has never happened before. Within a month my oldest cat is letting Caitlyn groom her with no problems. If the trust and love my pets have for her wasnt proof enough Caitlyn sealed the deal when I went on vacation. My youngest cat got upset and decided to hide from Caitlyn. She spent over an hour looking for her bc she refused to leave the house until she knew the kitty was ok. With Caitlyn it is not all about the pay check, she truly cares about every one of her clients like they were her own.

Barb S.

This is a long overview review for Caitlin and Pet Perfect. Caitlin checked on my 2 cats for me while I was on vacation back in June and I have never been more comfortable leaving my fur babies alone. From the moment I met with Caitlin, I knew my girls would be in good hands while I was gone. After every visit she would give me an update on how things were going so I knew all was well. And, should anything have happened in my absence, I was confident Caitlin would be more than capable of taking care of things on my behalf. I highly recommend Caitlin and will most certainly hire her again the next time I'm in need of pet sitting services!

Andrea A.

We highly recommend Caitlin and Pet Perfect! Caitlin does an exceptional job watching our two mini-american shepherds and house while we're away on vacation. One of our dogs has severe epilepsy, so I'm thankful that Caitlin feels comfortable and confident staying with him and taking care of all of his needs while we're away. In addition to doing a wonderful job with our dogs, she also watched over the house, brought in the mail and left our house very clean!

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